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About Us

We experienced the horrors of chafing several times ourselves, but kept our mouths shut. We Dutch folk have a reputation of being quite frank, but this was just too embarrassing – even for us.
For some reason we thought we were the only ones. Well, things turned out to be a bit different than we thought, :-).

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Active people tend to move about. Good for us, right?

But sometimes our precious skin suffers a bit more friction than it can handle. Our choice to live an active life is unfairly punished by sore, chafed skin. What’s worse: many see it as a taboo subject due to a false association with being overweight. That’s just baloney. Chafing happens to all creatures, great and small.

People are very creative when it comes to avoiding raw skin. That’s the only positive side effect of taboos.

Duct taping nipples or other delicate parts, wearing shorts under skirts, or covering our skin with baking powder, Vaseline or talc. You name it, we’ve seen it, we’ve done it. All this silent suffering led us to creating our own improved anti-chafing spray. Easy, quick, clean, invisible, moisture proof and not too expensive. The result was our pride and joy: Skin Contact Spray by Smoovall.

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Our growth


May 2015

A long car drive, a bbq and too many drinks & ribs: the idea for Smoovall is born (true story).


5k users

After launching Smoovall in the late summer of 2016 in The Netherlands, we were greatly surprised by the rapid growth of our customer base. We welcomed over 5 thousand happy customers in just 6 weeks time (that's almost the full length of a typical Dutch summer :-))


35k bottles

Within 18 months of launching Smoovall, we sold over 35 thousand sprays to an ever growing customer base in The Netherlands and Belgium. So what's next? USA and UK baby - here we come!

With the lack of user-friendly products we decided to develop a real "no-brainer product”. Enter Skin Contact Spray by Smoovall.


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